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"Faith, family, and education were the values my parents worked to instill in me. Guided by those values, I will work hard for your family and their future." —Linda

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"Everyone must have access to quality healthcare. Our healthcare system struggles because it is not a 'system' at all. It’s a patchwork of practices and traditions dating back to World War II and before, that’s completely out of step with modern healthcare needs."

Linda will work with Democrats in Congress and the White House to ensure the Affordable Care Act is fully-funded and not sabotaged by wealthy stakeholders. And Linda O’Dell will be open to ideas for Medicare-For-All, so long as one principle stands first: no American worker will lose what they have, or be forced into an untried government plan. Organized labor has worked and fought too hard, over too many years, to let their memberships face uncertainty or lower quality healthcare.

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Better Jobs

Linda believes that “a job is a much better thing than a check.” Working provides a sense of self-worth and purpose that doesn’t just make for a productive economy; it leads to better mental health, stronger families and a more sure sense of community.

"For far too long, the Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan have been allowed to fall behind while jobs went overseas, to Canada, and to Mexico. I will only support trade deals that ensure we create jobs for Americans right here in the First District. And the First District will never be 'back' until our children can work here, live here, and start their own families in the same small towns and cities where they’ve grown up."

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"A hundred years ago, and even 50 years ago, the First District was home to some of the world’s most remarkable public infrastructure. Our Great Lakes port facilities and thousands of miles of high-quality roads ensured a boom in this region that many of us may remember, but that our children know nothing about. It’s time to turn that trend around."

Linda believes that with high-speed broadband and a federal government committed to rebuilding crumbling roads and bridges as well as investing in a regional information economy centered on our public schools and universities, we can create those better jobs that future generations need to make our home theirs too.

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Nothing demonstrates Linda’s commitment to her faith and our future better than her commitment to our natural environment.

“Tom and I are big kayakers and snow shoe-ers, so we know the beauty and recreational value the First District has to offer. We are all called—all of us—to not just appreciate this beautiful planet, but to preserve it for the future. We must be stewards of our environment, and that means dealing rationally and aggressively to combat climate change and other forms of pollution.”

Linda has a vision for the future that combines efforts to protect our environment with opportunities to grow our economy and create jobs right here in the First District.

education | Linda O'Dell for Congress


Linda believes that parents, teachers, and local school boards know best when setting childhood educational priorities. But local officials and teachers are hamstrung by insufficient resources and a generational disinvestment in public education.

"I went to public schools, and that's where my children went. I learned about math and business, but I also learned to play the piano. My school had ten pianos in a tiny music room! Thirty years later, my daughter had to change her major when she learned there were no jobs available for public school art teachers. That's not right. Art and music shouldn't have to compete with STEM for funding in our public schools, and our children should never graduate without being exposed to those things that bring us all joy and elevate our souls. This shouldn't be 'either-or.' Investing in well-rounded public education means investing in a better America and a better world for our children."

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