"I couldn’t be more proud or grateful for the support of these 1st District community leaders. I’m going to win this election because Michigan families deserve better out of Washington D.C. But don’t just take my word for it . . . "

-Linda O'Dell

Former Harbor Springs Mayor Alan Dika endorses Linda O’Dell because…

“The environment and education are important issues to me and Linda O’Dell’s on the right side on both.”

“During my terms as mayor, I worked with several different congresspeople. Some were just a phone call away, but with others we got a “you don’t need our help” kind of attitude. Linda is running to be a responsive member of congress, and I think we need her.”

Alan Dika is a former 12-year mayor of Harbor Springs. He is a semi-retired former business owner and educator with a focus on skilled trades.

Houghton County Commissioner Glenn Anderson endorses Linda O’Dell because...

“Linda O’Dell has a vision for the First District and a passion for it. She’s willing to do the work to represent the people.”

“You go back to Bob Davis as the congressman out of St. Ignace or Bart Stupak out of Menominee; those two guys were back in the district every single weekend. Didn’t matter if they were Republican or Democrat, they knew the district and knew every town. Town halls and coffees and parades were automatic with them. We need a representative in Congress that actually believes in the district and promotes it. It’s been ten years since the people were really heard by their member of Congress.”

Glenn Anderson is a Houghton County Commissioner representing the City of Hancock and Adams Township. He previously spent 38 years in public management, including village manager in Baraga and Ontonagon and city manager in Hancock.

Traverse City Commissioner Christie Minervini endorses Linda O’Dell because…

“After meeting Linda O’Dell at a Grand Traverse Democrats event last summer, I was immediately impressed by her earnestness and selfless desire to represent the 1st District. She has a boatload of relevant experience, but more importantly, she shares my values and priorities.”

“Linda O’Dell cares about northern Michigan families – their healthcare, education and jobs – and she will fight to do better for them. She is also not afraid to tackle important issues like protecting our freshwater resources and rebuilding crumbling infrastructure. I trust Linda to stick with her convictions and stay true to her roots. She represents honesty and integrity and I hope you’ll join me in supporting her candidacy.”

Christie Minervini is a Traverse City Commissioner, small business owner and community advocate who is passionate about gender equality, smart growth and issues surrounding homelessness. She is currently serving as Development Chair of the Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities and is a past chair of Woman2Woman Traverse City.

Former Marquette Mayor Tony Tollefson endorses Linda O’Dell because…

“Linda has the people of the First District in her heart. I had the opportunity to hear her speak at a county party meeting and I was impressed by her attention to local issues here in the UP.”

“Linda is highly competent and motivated to serve the people of the UP in a positive way. I’m grateful that she is willing to put herself out there to represent us.”

Tony Tollefson is a former mayor of Marquette, and a former chairman of the Marquette County Democratic Party. He is a retired UAW member, who has served more than 30 years as a precinct delegate, UAW Community Actions Program Chair, and delegate to Marquette-Alger Central Labor Council’s (AFL-CIO) Committee on Political Education.

Sylvia McCullough endorses Linda O’Dell because...

“I believe Linda O’Dell has the potential to bring people who wouldn’t normally vote for a Democrat into her campaign. I like that we have a woman running in this district where no woman has ever run before.”

“Linda will be an effective congresswoman in tackling issues like violence against women and unequal pay. We need affordable childcare and health insurance. Linda will be a congresswoman who doesn’t just talk about these issues. She will listen and she will get things done.”

Sylvia McCullough is a retired educator with a Masters Degree in Social Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis on language and women’s studies. She and her husband, Allen, are active with the Grand Traverse Democratic Party and Sylvia previously co-chaired Indivisible Traverse City.

Former Marquette County Prosecuting Attorney Gary Walker endorses Linda O’Dell because...

“The rule of law is under serious assault. President Trump is using the Justice Department to reward his friends and punish his enemies. We need Congress to fulfill its role to act as a check and balance on the presidency. Jack Bergman and his colleagues refuse to discharge that responsibility.”

“Linda O’Dell understands the importance of congressional oversight to our democracy. She is committed to filling that role, whoever is the president. Linda shares the values of our community and she will be active in representing those values in Washington.”

Gary Walker served for 38 years as Marquette County Prosecuting Attorney. He is a former special assistant United States Attorney and the past president of the Michigan Prosecuting Attorney’s Association and the Marquette County Bar Association.

William and Kathleen Davis endorse Linda O’Dell because...

“We retired to Marquette County 23 years ago and have watched as the county has gone from predominantly Democratic to less so. We’ve had our hearts broken four times watching as qualified Democratic candidates were defeated for Congress by Republicans.”

“We weren’t easy on Linda when we met her, but she answered all our not-too-subtle questions with grace. We think it’s time for a woman, and we believe Linda O’Dell is the right woman for the job. She’s pro-choice and an environmentalist. That’s exactly what we need in Congress.”

William Davis is a retired banker and longtime Democratic precinct delegate. He has served on the executive board of the Marquette County Democrats for more than 20 years and is a former treasurer of that organization.

Kathleen Davis is a retired biology teacher and longtime Democratic precinct delegate. She has served on the executive board of the Marquette County Democrats for more than 20 years and has spent a lifetime working on issues of gender equality.

Sheila and Chuck Simpson endorse Linda O’Dell because...

“We are impressed with Linda’s professional education and experience, her preparation, her openness to tough questions, her initiative, and her work ethic. Linda is forthright and determined to effectively address northern Michigan’s and national issues in Congress that have become even more apparent during this COVID-19 situation.”

“Linda is an active and engaged listener to different perspectives, which is essential for wise bipartisan leadership, and her voice will not waiver when important decisions need to be made.”

The Simpsons, both now retired, continue to be actively involved volunteers in leadership roles within a variety of community organizations and causes. In 2018, Sheila was selected as “Der Buergermeister” or honorary mayor for Alpenfest in Gaylord, where she and Chuck have lived more than forty years.

Former Marquette County Democratic Chairman Jon (Jack) LaSalle endorses Linda O’Dell because...

“Linda has the best chance of winning this race. The time is right to take back this seat and we need the best possible Democrat to challenge Bergman. Linda is working hard, and I believe she is that Democrat.”

“After watching the Alpena County Democratic Debate on Zoom, I believe Linda has a deep grasp of the issues, and I appreciate her positions on improving this district.”

Jon (Jack) LaSalle is a retired union representative and previously served as chairman of the Marquette County Democratic Party. He is also a former Democratic district chairman.

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